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Tiger Books are a series of short stories writen in rhyming couplets for primary school aged children.

Written by me, Diane Harte, mother of 2, telling the important stories from my boys lives, their challenges, triumphs and experiences through the cubs living in Tiger Town.

The first collection is based around Jamie the Tiger, a little cub who struggles with anxiety, he is based on my youngest son who is an amazing, autistic young man.

Each book is proof read by my amazing assistant Viv and the Teachers and Children at the youngest little man's school.

Jamie the Tiger

Jamie and his adventures are based on my son's adventures. He is an amazing, intelligent and beautiful young man who just happens to be autistic.

Jamie the Tiger book 1 - Jamie goes to a new school
Book 1 - Jamie the Tiger goes to a New School

Jamie is a tiger cub who feels very different to the other cubs at school. He doesn't enjoy his classes, sitting still and reading out loud, he doesn't enjoy playing games with the other cubs at play time, not knowing how to fit in with their games.

Jamie start his new school, it's very different to the mainstream classes that he's been in before, his teacher plays the guitar and they have regular breakout times to dance out their twitches.

Jamie starts to feel that he fits in at this new school, and he enjoys it very much!

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Jamie the Tiger book 2 - Jamie makes a new friend
Book 2 - Jamie the Tiger makes a new friend

In book two of the series, Jamie is introduced to a new cub called Rory.

Rory is a lion cub from Lion Land, his family have fled fom the war in Lion Land and arrived in Tiger Town a little afraid and not feeling like they fit in.

Jamie is not bery happy with this new situation, the idea of the new cub scares him. He is convinced that Rory will be big and scary and will take his toys, his friends and his snacks.

On meeting Rory, Jamie quickly realises that Rory is just as scared and unhappy as he was on his first day, and takes his first steps to making a new friend.

Living in a huge city we have met a number of families who are here because their home became unsafe. I have listened to their stories about their home countries and how they miss them. My son is friends with their children, and they stand side by side in the classroom each day.

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Jamie the Tiger mini book - Jamie the Germ Fighter
Mini Book - Jamie the Germfighter

A mini book that introduces the concept of germs, viruses and bacteria and how to keep safe from bad germs.

A simplified social story to explain the need to follow rules around keeping clean.

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Coming Soon...

New Story coming soon - helping a child to understand death and process their emotions

Sadly all of our lives are touched by death at some point.

Children can really struggle with the concept and the reality of loosing someone they love.

With this new book, I am leaning heavily on my families experience of the last few years where my boy's sadly lost their grandfather and two grandmothers, to help others to explain and process this loss with their children.

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