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January 2022


COVID hits home after 22 months.

We have been careful, beyond careful, I am immune compromised so careful has been our byword since this whole mess started. But last week Omicron caught up with us.

I had cold symptoms, thankfully I'm fully vaxxed including my booster yay to my very broken immune system. The little man was a bit sleepy for a whole day. Hubby was dying... Headaches, the chills, congestion, the works.

mental health

The main affect for us has been on our mental health.

I started to feel the burden of being the only "healthy" person in the house very quickly, the cabin fever kicked in a little later. Having a child at home all the time, with none of their normal energy outlets means that little else gets done, so my laptop has been firmly shut for 12 days! (combined for 3 isolation periods)

Being a writer means that you have to have good habits, even if every word you write on a day goes into the trash, doing it every day is necessary, or the mental blocks will move in to stay!


Forgetting about my woes though... My son is struggling, today he went back to school struggling and it wont be a quick fix to help him move on.

He's germphobic, so the whole pandemic has been hard on him, we have had weeks and weeks of fighting an uphill battle to keep the skin on his hands from splitting and peeling off! Alcohol rubs, constant hand washing and not quite drying properly before heading out into the cold...

At the weekend when we headed out for our first trip outside in those 12 long days he refused to hold my hand, because he hadn't seen me wash them before leaving, he refused to pick up a drink, refuses to open doors or switch on lights. At night he wears cotton gloves, and we have washed his bedroom teddies one by one "just in case". All of this in the safe space that is home.

School is as amazing as ever and we had a long chat on drop off this morning about the interventions we have put in place to help him overcome this fixation. They have his hand creams and do not enforce handwashing for him. But my evenings right now are being spent researching how to get a good hygiene message across with a don't overdo it message mixed in there...

Jamie will tell this story once I have it, because the little man knows that Jamie is just like him, that the stories I tell are his, and through the word of this little cub I hope to help alleviate the strain that this compulsion but on his mind and body.

If anyone reading this has any hints and tips to share about creating balance in the fight against germs please email me at jamiethetiger.com so that we can all learn a little something new!

Coming Soon...

New Story coming soon - helping a child to understand death and process their emotions

Sadly all of our lives are touched by death at some point.

Children can really struggle with the concept and the reality of loosing someone they love.

With this new book, I am leaning heavily on my families experience of the last few years where my boy's sadly lost their grandfather and two grandmothers, to help others to explain and process this loss with their children.

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